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Company introduction

Dafeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional design company committed to creating a symbiosis of brand culture shaping and commercial space planning. The company adheres to the creative concept of "redesign and understanding human nature", redefines the design around it, explores the essence of design in a simple and direct way, restores the purity of things, and endows the design with new life with distinctive, differentiated and pure expression. Commercial design is an ecological integration of market economy, business thinking and artistic creation. Dafeng founded from the source, with the attitude of "professionalism, concentration and concentration", through market research, opportunity exploration, differentiated positioning, brand landing and other multi-dimensional one-stop services, to create peak design experience for customers and provide appropriate commercial design solutions. Founded by Dafeng, I understand business and design!




Company value

Our purpose is to enhance the internal power of marketing for enterprises and create future value for enterprises. Our unique creativity, accurate cognition of the market and high-quality follow-up service are our advantages and the cornerstone of win-win cooperation.

We look at the world with the eyes of the market, and the requirements of customers are our goals. The whole process is personally communicated by experts. We will pay attention to every requirement and detail of our customers and make every case accurate, original and beautiful. To ensure efficient internal and external communication and the most accurate expression of corporate philosophy. The trust and praise of customers and numerous successful planning cases prove that we are the most professional brand planning and design company in China.



Company achievements

For more than 5 years, the company has served more than 1600 well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad, and won the international design award. Founded by Dafeng, Dafeng design has provided brand planning, design, consulting and other services for many domestic enterprises, which are well received and trusted by the industry.



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